Tony Schiena, a name synonymous with the intelligence sector, counter terrorism training, counter human trafficking, security for conflict areas and martial arts or more succinctly defensive tactics for special forces operators.

A man of diverse experience and accomplishment, having been operational in various capacities on four different continents. A former veteran of the African intelligence and paramilitary community, he was first recruited and operated during a pivotal part of South Africa’s history, in which it averted an imminent civil war, abolishment of apartheid and smooth transition of government.

Tony has since served in various capacities in the private security sector as well as aiding government and various law enforcement agencies.


A Deputy Sheriff in Virginia for many years and advisor to Bedford County Sheriff Department with the rank of Captain, member of the ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) federal task force as well as Lieutenant / Special Detective on Pennsylvania joint-county drug interdiction task force.  Tony has numerous other prestigious affiliations and memberships including being a long-standing member of the International Police Association, member of the Board of Governors for The Global Society of Homeland and National Security Professionals as well as the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel by the Hungarian National Guard. Tony has been appointed to command and advise  the Counter Terrorism division of the NSA Sheriff’s Global Center for Public Safety.

Tony has been embedded with law enforcement in various capacities. He has given specialist instruction to the New York Police Department, South African Police Force, Indianapolis Police Department, Merced County Sheriff Department and SWAT team (during which he operated as team leader of a National Sheriff Associations special operations team for the program “The Sheriff”) as well as various military and government agencies including NATO forces and private military in Iraq, special forces groups in Kabul and northern Afghanistan, Cambodian special forces, French Foreign Legion, Afghan National Army CID (in Mazar e Sharif Afghanistan), Hungarian and Latvian intelligence and military, Mongolian Quick Reaction Force stationed in Kabul, Kurdish Special Forces Commanders in Kurdistan Iraq etc.

As a sportsman he achieved the highest of accolades, retiring as an undefeated World Heavyweight Karate Champion and first recipient of martial arts hall of fame 'Silent heroes award'. Tony has consistently built and improved on his defensive tactics arsenal, becoming one of the premier experts and advisors in the world today.

Tony runs the majority of his current security operations out of his US / UK headquatered company MOSAIC -  Multi Operational Security Agency Intelligence Company

Lieutenant General John Mullholland - Lead the first special forces invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lieutenant General John Mullholland - Lead the first special forces invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Tony has recently opened a branch of MOSAIC in Hong Kong in order to service China’s economic expansion with its “Belt and Road” initiative. He also has various other strategic security partnerships involving maritime security, technology and specialist training in New York City as well as Athens with former special forces operators, intelligence agents and intelligence heads.

Tony’s endeavors in Iraq and his support of the Kurdish Peshmerga in their struggle as the, then, only organized force against ISIS made worldwide headlines during his exposure of chemical weapon usage by ISIS against the Kurds. Tony trained Kurdish special forces commanders in escape & evasion, defensive tactics and counter insurgency as well as providing emergency lectures on how to secure front line bases against chemical attacks.

HRH Prince Albert of Monaco. 

HRH Prince Albert of Monaco. 

Tony also dedicates time to fighting one of the greatest evils facing society today, sex trafficking of children through The Mosaic Federation based in London, UK, co-founded with the head of Intelligence for Scotland Yard, Tony has spoken at the United Nations, the Vatican, the House of Lords, House of the President of India, G20(Girl) conference in Paris, government panels in Pakistan and Dubai as well as various other prestigious political platforms on human trafficking.