Tony Schiena, crowned World Heavyweight Karate Champion by the legendary head of the JSKA, Sensei Keigo Abe. Tony became known as “Karate’s Bad Boy” due to his unorthodox training methods and aggressive fighting style. An accident in which both his ankles were broken resulted in the World Champion retiring from competitive fighting at the age of 25 and concentrate on further developing his own reality-based fighting concepts. Tony became a striking coach of the US Mixed Martial Arts M1 team (MMA world championship represented by heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko) and teaching defensive tactics in war zones, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Once quoted, with reference to fellow Shotokan exponent, UFC champion, Lyoto Machida , “Lyoto went to the UFC,
I went to war”.




The Brick Challenge

Flying Side Kick! A simple run-and-jump!

World Heavyweight Karate Championship Final. Extraordinary precision, speed, focus and power! Schiena now coaches striking for M-1 USA MMA Team 

The transfer of kinetic energy! Its evident how Schiena employs the principle in his strikes! Notice, the concrete block on top stays in tact while the remainder underneath break! 

KNOCK-OUT!!! 10 second knock-down rule! An airforce hanger! Schiena vs The Airforce!